About Us

Under the motto of innovation, InteractIdeas promotes the introduction of technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, in the field of Education. InteractIdeas develops and adapts training solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence in different areas, learns Artificial Intelligence, learns with Artificial Intelligence and learns for Artificial Intelligence.

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What You Will Learn

160+ hours of programming in Python and Artificial Intelligence applied to self-driving cars.


Practical project-based learning to master Python programming and the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.


Easy text-based programming in Python, to start driving your self-driving car in just one day.


Program sophisticated wireless self-driving cars to respond across various real world scenarios.

K12 Schools, Colleges, Summer Camps and After-school Programs

For educators who want to make a difference

Used by teachers all over the country! Video-lessons and our teacher’s portal equip the teachers on guiding student learning. Ideal for ages 9+.


160+ hours of practical video based curriculum, and 300+ exercises and assessments to help students learn at their own pace.